Better than any female vocalist in rock going back 2 decades... I'm a rocker and it sounded amazing! She blew me away, perfect voice teamed with a perfect look! Eleanore should be up there with the best and no doubt she will. Had a great time Friday.

Richie Day

Windsor Festival uncover a gem... The Rock-star, Eleanore... has a voice that is exceptional. She encapsulated the emotion of A Mid-Summer's Night in rock. Not an easy feat, but one that the bard might have approved - she sang with insistence and love.

Anthony Sharman

I have to say Eleanore & the Lost have done us all proud with My True Nature! Once again this is another masterpiece in their impressive repertoire, and I will certainly give it some airplay...

David Durrant, Brooklands FM

It might be her first time at Guilfest but Eleanore, the Cranleigh singer-songwriter, has racked up live experience that would make others blush. Winner of a television songwriting competition back in 2004 and finalist in the Live and Unsigned competition last year, the artist is already used to putting herself up for scrutiny.

Luke Jacobs, Surrey Advertiser

The awesome vocal might and musical presence of Eleanore And The Lost are unleashed with a mix of rock, pop and grunge as the story changes direction. Perhaps a representation of youth and love, Eleanore, a Kate Bush-like vocalist, stole the show and certainly uplifted the audience, evident by standing ovations at the end.

Pete Rann, Royal Borough Observer

Based in and around Guildford, Surrey, Eleanore & the Lost are a progressive, symphonic rock band and Eleanore's vocals lift the hairs on the back of your neck (she boasts a range of 4 octaves). The song lyrics are beautifully crafted, while the music has catchy, memorable tunes resonating influences from Jeff Buckley, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Bjork, Kate Bush and Evanescence.

After taking time out of performing to compose the second album, The Gift, is now currently in production and will be released in three parts with a single released up front (Summertime) expected during August 2013.  The Gift (Part I) is expected to be released early Autumn 2013.

As well as the debut album Parlour Game, (on the player to the right) the band also released a new single in the Spring of 2011 My True Nature – a commission from the major international charity WWF to commemorate its 50th anniversary as well as acting as a stimulus piece for its nationwide competition of the same name.

Gigs of note have included headlining in a dance show put on by the Windsor Festival at the Theatre Royal, Windsor. The dancing was predominantly choreographed to Eleanore's music which the band played live on stage during the show to receive standing ovations at the end. The band have also played at the Ashcroft Hall (Fairfield Halls) in Croydon in an 800 seater theatre - it was very exciting that so many of the audience knew the songs.

The band also played at the Ashcroft Hall (Fairfield Halls) in Croydon in November 2011 in an 800 seater theatre - it was very exciting that so many of the audience knew the son.

Eleanore took time out of performing in 2012 to compose for the second album, which is now in production.

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